Why We Started

Life Skillz was founded on the belief that core skills necessary for young adults to master and transition into adulthood are not being taught at an early enough age. Current school curriculums are already bursting at the seams and student lives are crammed with study which in turn places unfair expectations on learners. The hope is that they will have all the knowledge they need for life success when they leave school but this is completely unrealistic.

What we have found through many years of research, is the best way to develop these skills is to put young adults into the workforce as soon as they are ready. The younger they are, the quicker they develop and enhance the key skills they will need throughout their lives such as communication, leadership, time management and so many more.

Our recent survey suggests that students want modern learning solutions that are quick and easy to access and complete. Most students would rather study online than from a book, and many would rather be able to read something quickly than have to study something for several years to see a reward.

Life Skillz courses can be completed in only a few hours, whilst engaging learners to think on their feet and grasp the concepts within the material with ease, covering a wide range of topics that are seemingly missed from day to day life. This material combines old school skills with a modern day learning experience.

Industry insiders and recent media coverage has confirmed that schools are not adequately preparing young adults to maintain full time employment. We believe everyone is responsible for their learning journey and students should take the reins to develop their own knowledge and skills.

Life Skillz provides the tools needed to take the next steps in life, so what’s stopping you? How do Student's Study