Our FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) are here to help you if you have any queries that haven’t been covered within other pages. If the answer you are looking for is not listed below you can contact us at any time here and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Q: How long do I have to complete each course?
A: We open your account for a period of 2 weeks for each course or 6 months for all 12. This gives you adequate time to successfully complete each course and learn the material and take the assessment(s) to obtain your certificate(s).

Q: Is this training nationally accredited?
A: No, it is not possible to register personal development training through a government body. However, we have studied and trained to Bachelor Degree level and hold a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. We have taught acting, vocal coaching and business as well as training within an international college which must follow national education guidelines and we are familiar with learning frameworks.

Q: What will an employer think of my learning with you when shown during interview?
A: Further study is always welcomed by employers and we are certain this will be the case with you. Employers tend to favour candidates who are willing to improve themselves through external study and it can only benefit any application you make. Whilst a certificate will not guarantee you a job, it shows you want to learn and understand the subject of study.

Q: What do employers look for when interviewing someone for a position?
A: Qualifications are important but no qualification will ever get you a job. An employer looks for how well a person can fit into their business to make their life easier and not harder. An employer needs to know the person they hire can interact with others as well as think for themselves. Remember, people get hired to improve a business and make it a better place for other staff.

Q: Why are you not charging more for the courses?
A: We have set our price points so they are within reach for a high percentage of the population. We want to be able to help people on their journey of learning and do not feel it is right to price something out of reach so only a select few can study with us. Just because you may be low on funds now doesn’t mean you should miss out on your future.

Q: Why do you not provide standard workshops for businesses?
A: We do, but we find this to be a solution that is not the solution most businesses are looking for. When a business looks at their training needs it is very rare that a ‘one size fits all’ learning approach is required. Each business tends to require different items to be covered, so by investigating what their needs are, we are able to tailor our delivery to provide maximum coverage as opposed to one specific topic.

Q: Do you deliver out of hours business training?
A: Yes, we understand many businesses have a strong need to upskill their staff but cannot afford to lose time during the working day. We offer an out of hours solution which also includes weekends. There is a 10% surcharge for this that we find works well for those who have no other options available.

Q: Will you mail the certificate to me?
A: No, once you successfully obtain your certificate of attainment you are able to download this into a print ready PDF. We recommend you print a copy and keep it in your file to take with you for interviews. For business learners we email certificates to you once the training has been completed.

Q: How do I log into my course?
A: If you need help logging into your course, please see our Login info

Q: What if I do not pass in your given timeframe?
A: We give each student 2 weeks to successfully complete the course or 6 months when studying all courses. If after this time you have not obtained your certificate, you will need to pay to study the material again. You can re-sit the assessment at any stage during the period your course is available for study until completed.

Q: Will my certificate be recognised wherever I go in the world?
A: Yes, though please remember this is not accredited training like a degree or diploma and nor could it be. As we said earlier, employers like employees who are positive people who show an eagerness to learn. Once questioned on the topic of study you will be able to talk freely and answer in depth about what you have learnt. In some instances you may well know more than the person asking the questions.

If you are unsure of anything the best way to have your question answered is to ask it. We will answer you as soon as we are able.

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