Courage to Move

Learn to love life again!

Our Courage to Move package has been carefully designed to instil confidence & to empower you.

We work closely with you to help bring back the spark that can be so easily lost in negative environments where managers adopt methods that belong in the 1980’s.

You don’t have to keep working a job that continually puts you down, makes you feel worthless, or damages your health just because they pay you a wage – there are other jobs out there. Once you understand your own true value, you will never allow anyone to make you feel otherwise.

We know first-hand of the mental damage caused when managers or business owners belittle, berate, or tell their staff they are useless, not performing, or they ‘must do better’. This when you are working your socks off!

Quite often what the owner ‘thinks’ will happen in this scenario is that you will work harder to seek their approval. What is their approval really worth? Is it more important than your own mental health? Your own well-being?

What you will feel is your self-esteem plummet & because of their job title, you begin to let their words become your truth. This is how they keep you there & keep you down. No matter what they say about improvement, the environment & way you feel is like that for a reason. Actions speak louder than words & this rule through fear approach has to stop.

We are here to tell you;

You are worthy, you have value, & we will help you realise this.

Proactive, modern day businesses understand the importance of their employees. Richard Branson himself once said; ‘Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.’

Included in your Courage to Move package is…

Six of our online short courses tailored to give you insight into core skills that are generic to nearly all workplaces. These skills are in demand from employers the world over. The six courses included are;

  • Understanding the Workplace
  • Presentation & Grooming
  • Pathway to Employment
  • Excellence in Communication
  • Professional Document Writing
  • Service, Sales & Selling

Also included in the package;

  • An over the telephone consultation to reformat your resume & provide you with a cover letter to ensure you look professional when applying for new jobs.
  • A two hour in person coaching session (or via telephone) to rebuild your confidence helping you rediscover your value, self-worth, & instil positivity into you.

It can be seriously damaging to your health to be in a workplace that does not appreciate you, & even worse when they impact how you feel about yourself.

To begin the new you, simply click on this link, or email/telephone us now.

Don’t take anyone’s s**t!